As many of you know who have visted in the past, this has been a retirement hobby for me.  But even a hobby can start to be a drain on your health.  I've never really had a profit motive but just wanted to make something that would be appreciated by other warriors.  I've donated many of my items to various groups, the F-8 Gunfighters, Minot AFB O Wives, local aviation groups that I'm affiliated with, Animal Rescues, our local Chambers of Commerce, and our vet who operates a free clinic for those who need it.  It's been a great hobby for a retired warrior, and with a few items that I've sold, I've probably come close to the break even point each year.   But I've also come to a decision to build something every now and again as a matter of dealing with boredom.  However with some health issues like arthritis, I won't be  building any weather vanes in the winter time.  As 70 looms closer, I'm having more issues with my double knee replacements, numbness in one leg and now starting to deal with Parkinson's, some day can be a real challenge.
With winter here I'm not doing much at all as the weather is getting to cold to be out in the shop.  On warmer days, I'll work on some donations that I'm finishing up but that will be about it.  I do have a personal project or two in the works and I hope to get some time to work on those.  Once I get it on it's wheels, I'll post some photos.

Clear Skies and Following Winds to each of you,

Glen Porter, Major USMC (Ret.)
Private to Major via CWO-4

F-4 during Indiana Sunset
The ultimate F-4 at sunset weather vane photo.
 I can be reached at the link below.