Thank you for visiting my Staaken Flitzer F-5 Jung Tiger project pages. 

As Walter Mitty would tell you the Staaken Flitzer biplane was a multi purpose biplane developed during the 1930's and aviation's golden era.  This period saw many designs come and go, but here we are in 2014 and the Flitzer is still what all the buzz is about.  Some Flitzer's were developed as Parasite Fighters meant to hang from the bottom of a rigid airships (and I tell you that with my fingers crossed behind my back) that were being developed by many military powers of the time.  Some were designed to be gunnery trainers which was the case for my Jung Tiger F-5 project that was located in a storage shed on the Nevada Desert. 

Well the truth be told...and this is the only time I'll tell you this, the Flitzer line of aircraft is the absolutely splendid brain child of a British gentleman, Lynn Williams who is a designer, author and aviation artist. The design...mostly wood, along with their sound and visual image fills the air with a believable mid 30's aircraft of reduced size that is easily built with plans that are frankly so well done and presented they are really better suited to hanging in your great hall or study.  But your Flitzer...then hang the plans!

Jung Tiger F-5 Gunnery Trainer

On other pages that you will find in the left margin menu, I'll soon start to tell you how this Flitzer Jung Tiger arrived in America and ultimately ended up in a storage shed on the Nevada Desert.  And really...I know it has to be the absolute truth because I heard about this aircraft and it's story one night while attending a function at the Officer's Club of one of the Marine Corps oldest posts. So really you know it has to be the truth, because I'll start the story with "Really this is no B*** S***, I heard it while standing at the O'Club bar".

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